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A sample use of the FEM Inc. Dashboard.

Great content should form just one part of your online video strategy. Your videos need to be shown to the right viewers when they want to see them (we can help!). And then of course, it’s essential to keep track of their performance, so you can assess your strategy on an ongoing basis. Analytics are the difference between swinging blindly and making targeted decisions about what content to produce and how to best serve your audience. For that reason, we are excited to announce the 1.0 release of the FEM Inc. Analytics Dashboard!

The Dashboard focuses on audience engagement metrics—highlighting whether and how your visitors are interacting with your videos. Rather than numbers that feel good, it shows numbers you can use to improve your performance, while still making it easy to track on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis with a quick glance. The version launching today offers three main features:

View Graph

Of all the ways to measure real engagement with your videos, views represents one of the most straightforward metrics. The FEM Inc. dashboard puts that information front-and-center. The cumulative graph allows you to quickly check whether you’re measuring up against this month’s (or week’s, or day’s) goals. If you’re launching content on specific days, you’ll be able to see corresponding changes reflected in your graph.

example cumulative graph

Domain Drill-down

The dashboard allows you to filter data by host

Sometimes checking your aggregate video performance across all your web properties is sufficient, but other times, it’s helpful to be able to drill down to specific sites and see how your content is performing on them. The FEM Inc. dashboard gives you the best of both worlds. By default, the dashboard displays the aggregated data of all of your properties. However, you can also see your video performance on a per-host basis. This allows you to quickly identify opportunities on different properties and execute on them immediately.

Honest Engagement Metrics

FEM Inc. uses straightforward, but honest engagement metricsThe dashboard’s first three panels show a funnel of engagement stats: impressions, clicks, and views. The following three panels show a funnel of engagement ratios, which basically tell you how much interaction you’re getting per time that your widget has been seen. The final three panels show some helpful breakdowns: top countries by views, views by devices, and even the top 10 most-viewed videos for your selected timeframe. (Head spinning? We have a full guide to our metrics.)

Speaking of which—yes, the FEM Inc. video analytics dashboard allows you to keep track of your metrics in monthly, weekly, and daily increments. You can zoom in and check out a single day’s performance on a single device type, and zoom out to a month across all devices to see the bigger picture.

Making the Most of the FEM Inc. Dashboard

The dashboard has been built with the goal of providing clear information you can use to help your business. To this end, all of the ratios (Click Rate and View Rate) are calculated using viewable impressions—a stat we use to distinguish whether the FEM Inc. widget could be seen by the user, so you’re not tracking engagement against something the user never saw. This gives you an honest assessment of your performance, and helps make decisions about how to structure your site. It also helps you determine optimal video placement—if your visitors are engaging a lot when they do come across your recommended videos, you know that it’s important to do a better job bringing them above the fold, and making the content more visible to your audience. Of course, your account manager is a great resource for helping unpack the myriad insights the dashboard provides. And if there’s a metric you’re looking for that we don’t calculate here, you can even export your data in .csv format and manipulate it in Excel or Numbers.

We’re thrilled to be launching the FEM Inc. Analytics Dashboard today, and to work with our customers to keep building the future of online video: a future where the right video is shown to the right person at the right moment.

If you’re a FEM Inc. customer, you can log in and check out your dashboard. Not a FEM customer? Get in touch with us here.

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