FEM Inc. believes that greatness exists everywhere. Despite stereotypes to the contrary, there isn’t a single model for the real heroes in our society. We believe there needs to be a greater range and diversity of inspirational stories – heroism is universal. For this purpose, we created a video in the spirit of highlighting the …

How to Bake Innovation Into Your Business

Learn the key ingredients to innovation and creative ways to position your company for continued success ahead of your competitors with Rachel Payne, the Founder and CEO of FEM Inc. at Entrepreneur 360. #E360 For more information about the event: https://www.entrepreneur.com/events/e360

Posted by Entrepreneur on Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Baking Innovation into your Business

If you missed the Entrepreneur 360 Conference, you definitely missed some game-changing keynotes, including one from our CEO and Co-Founder, Rachel Payne. Rachel took to the stage at the Long Beach Convention Center to share her recipe for innovation with the hundreds of entrepreneurs, independent thinkers, and company leaders in attendance. Rachel’s brilliant keynote, Baking …

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Video Advertising and Women

As a mid-20s female growing up in the United States, print and video advertising has been an ever-present part of daily life. It’s not something that anyone questions, and the content is almost subconsciously absorbed; as we accept images, depictions, and scenes that we’ve seen a hundred times—whether the message is positive or negative towards …